Building Facilities represent an important part of the costs that arise in manufacturing, research labs, administration, hospitals and hotels.

Our solutions in Building Facilities Engineering for our clients make our strength.

Ventilation and air conditioning, clean-room technology, refrigeration, heat engineering, energy technology, environmental engineering, safety engineering, building facilities, measurement and control engineering are examples of areas which are integrated into the global planning of SWISSFM due to the growing complexity of the technical infrastructure of buildings.

The Building Facilities of SWISSFM are precisely adapted - through a detailed knowledge of the global project, technical excellence, and the long experience of our collaborators - to our client's most specific demands.

The Building Facilities are at the origin of more than one third of the total cost of the investment. They determine an important part of the operating costs as well. A building facilities concept tailored for the exact needs of the client and the integration of Life Cycle Management would reequilibrate both types of costs.
SWISSFM respect the national and international norms and will guarantee the best possible quality in a reasonable economic framework from the advisory and planning up to the qualification phases. For example, the pharmaceutical and biotechnological manufacturing industries use complex processes and methodologies, and therefore put high expectations on building facilities. The key to an optimal planning and to a successful realisation of a project does not only lie in a deep and detailed knowledge of the production processes, but also in a balanced cooperation between the partners for process planning, architecture and building facilites planning. A well-planned building facilities concept is a necessary condition for a smooth and validable process.